Friuli Venezia Giulia Alps

Mountain huts

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Pontebba - Loc. Glazzat Alto

The Glazzat alpine farm is managed by "Bela", a farm founded by a small group of young people with the intention of taking the sustainable development of their region into their own hands.

Cimolais - Loc. Val Cimoliana

Malborghetto - Valbruna - Via Emilio Comici, 11

In our area there are many kilometers of bike paths or mountain bike. There are many paths for trekking that meet all the needs, level of difficulty, duration, with or without railways, etc ...

Tarvisio - Fraz. Fusine - Loc. Conca delle Ponze

Erto e Casso - Val Zemola

Forni Avoltri - Loc. Passo Volaia

Sella Nevea - Piani del Montasio

Malborghetto - Valbruna - Loc. Pod Rauna - Ugovizza

Forni di Sopra - Vallon di Giaf

Sella Nevea - Loc. Conca Prevala - Via Friuli, 1

Tarvisio - Loc. Carnizza di Camporosso

Sella Nevea - Via Friuli, 2

Sella Nevea - Loc. Sot Cregnedul

Forni di Sopra - Val di Suola

Erto e Casso - Val Zemola

Sauris - Loc. Eimblateribn

Claut - Val Settimana

Erto e Casso - Val Zemola

Barcis - Loc. Vallata, 1

Moggio Udinese - Loc. Alta Valle Rio Flop - SP Val Aupa

Cimolais - Loc. Pagnon

Paluzza - Loc. Forcella Moraretto

Malborghetto - Valbruna - Loc. Sella Lom

Malborghetto - Valbruna - Loc. Sella Sompdogna

Tarvisio - Fraz. Cave del Predil - Loc. Parete Sud dello Jof Fuart

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