Friuli Venezia Giulia Alps



Tarvisio - Via Parini, 4

Passo Pramollo - Località Passo Pramollo / Sonnenalpe Nassfeld, 5

The restaurant Gallo Forcello.1530 is one of the most famous local venues in this mountain region, a meeting place for all people who are enthusiastic about Italian cuisine. Over the years the restaurant have specialised in a variety of noodles.

Forni di Sopra - Loc. Nuoita

Once upon a time... there was a girl of very modest family, an energetic, cheerful and very ambitious child. Cristina was born in Voltago Agordino (BL) on 09.09.1939, and from her early childhood she used to spend her time playing the cook...

Polcenigo - Via Santissima, 3

Fanna - Via Circonvallazione Nuova, 3

The Pascarella family has been managing this charming restaurant since 1977. Service always up to date, with typical dishes of the area and quality and refined products.

Sauris - Fraz. Sauris di Sopra, 39

The hospitable restaurant is housed in the old barn with local stone floor, ceilings are made entirely of wood and there is a large fireplace, that in the evening is always on. You can taste refined dishes prepared by the chef based on local products and...

Polcenigo - Via Masiere, 6/A

Moggio Udinese - Piazzetta Sandro Pertini, 2

Paluzza - Fraz. Timau - Via Maria Plozner Mentil, 15

Erto e Casso - Via IX Ottobre 1963, 13

Maniago - Via Pordenone, 155

Near the Giulio Bridge from which it takes its name and which crosses the Cellina stream, the Place of Giulio is the ideal farmhouse for those who want a holiday full of food and wine experiences. Here you will find dishes of the Friulan and Italian...

Erto e Casso - Via Roma, 37

Aviano - Loc. Bornass - Via Montecavallo, 120

Forni di Sopra - Via Tagliamento, 24

Sequals - Via Odorico, 54

Clauzetto - Via della Val Cosa, 83

Sutrio - Via Roma, 55

Arta Terme - Fraz. Piano D'Arta - Via delle Terme, 15

Forni Avoltri - Corso Italia, 16

Erto e Casso - Strada regionale 251

Polcenigo - Loc. San Giovanni - Via Pordenone, 110

Claut - P.zza IV Novembre, 5

Clauzetto - Via Gerchia, 17

Small tasting of local products where you can enjoy a raw ham produced with traditional methods, where the seasoning for a period of time not less than 36 months, is carried out in a natural and pristine environment.

Enemonzo - Via Maiaso, 2 - Fraz. Colza

Tarvisio - Via Vittorio Veneto, 144

Tarvisio - Loc. Fusine - Via dei Laghi, 1

Tramonti di Sopra - Via Campone

Malborghetto - Valbruna - Via Bamberga, 19

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